Our people are our most important asset. Every employee plays an active part in our success story. At Manuchar, we support every talent with finding his/her career path within an inspiring international working environment.


The key to Manuchar’s success

Our people guarantee our high standards for quality and service, and contribute to our further expansion. They are:

  • highly motivated & service oriented
  • flexible & open minded
  • entrepreneurial
  • committed & skilled
Our values

Vacancies (20)

The vacancy you are looking for is not online? Or are you looking for a career opportunity outside Belgium? Please feel free to send us your open application letter and detailed CV for the attention of HRM by clicking here.

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Logistiek administratief bediende

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Regional Controller LATAM/Brazil

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Business developer Nigeria

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Stageplaatsen bij Manuchar

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Stage HR

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Stage Legal

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Stage Logistiek en Supply Chain

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Senior trader

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Business Controller

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International Logistics Administrator – English & French

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Financial Analyst

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Compliance Officer

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Internationale logistieke planner

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Wood Purchaser Germany

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Service Manager

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IT Governance Manager

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Head of Development Services

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Quality Process Manager – Operations & Logistics

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International Logistics Administrator – English & Spanish

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Manuchar’s offer to you:

If you’re looking for an international business driven company where you can fully apply your skills, potential and ideas, then Manuchar can offer you the ideal working place, including:

  • Career opportunities: Manuchar offers a job full of variety with long-term perspectives in an international environment
  • A solid basis: Manuchar is a 100% Belgian multinational having its headquarters in Antwerp, with solid foundations going back to 1880 and putting forward a continuously healthy financial track record
  • A dynamic working environment: Manuchar is in full expansion worldwide and is aiming for further growth
  • Challenging business activities: Manuchar is an internationally renowned business partner with a strong reputation in Trading, Logistics, Distribution and Supply Chain Management of a wide range of raw materials
  • An attractive remuneration package including fringe benefits


There’s a story behind working at Manuchar.

Get inspired by others!

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Michaël Desmedt - Junior Trader Africa

The global supply chain has always intrigued me. Working together with different international parties to get goods as quickly as possible to the customer, without losing the focus on quality & costs, is something that really interests me.
I joined Manuchar in 2015. I started as File Administrator to learn the tips & tricks of international trade. Now, I am responsible for the development of our steel activities in East & South Africa. What really attracts me in this role is the variety. Beside of being in contact with our customers, I also work with other parties involved such as: suppliers, logistic companies & financial institutions. On top of that I can combine my days in the office with traveling to customers and suppliers around the world. You get in touch with different nationalities and cultural backgrounds which is a real eye opener.
For me, Manuchar is a very supportive company listening to each and every employee and providing interesting career opportunities. Last year I had the chance of living abroad in South Africa for seven months to further expand our sales markets. This allowed me to further develop myself both professionally and personally.
I’m sure much more opportunities are yet to come.

Julian De Ruyter - Product Manager Fertilizers

After multiple experiences abroad during and after university, I wanted to work in an international and dynamic environment where entrepreneurship and an independent way of working are encouraged. I found this combination at Manuchar.
I started my career being commercially responsible for our sales of chemicals to Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. From there I grew into a more global role, coordinating our worldwide business development of fertilizers. When visiting our suppliers, subsidiary countries and key customers, I travel to Latin America, Africa and Asia and as a result get to see many places in the world. However, my home base is still in Antwerp with friends and family.
For me this is the best of both worlds and adds a lot of variety into my work package. I am very happy having this interesting job where I am continuously challenged. What I have most appreciated over the years is that everywhere I go, I am received with such a warm welcome, and I now have many friends abroad, all part of the Manuchar ‘family’.

Wim De Cock - Regional Controller

Hi, let me present myself: I am Wim De Cock, living in Antwerp and working for Manuchar as a Regional Controller for almost 3 years now. What is a Regional Controller you might ask? Well it’s actually a Financial & Business Controller dedicated to specific geographical regions – therefore a Regional Controller. I have a very nice region to control, being Caribbean and Central America.
Of course, I speak Spanish fluently (which was a requirement to get the job), I dance salsa and like rum (which was not a requirement) and love travelling, meeting people, do some sightseeing and I enjoy good Latin food.
As a Regional Controller for Manuchar you get to interact with our affiliates abroad. Not only during controlling visits but also assisting them with their performance to do better on KPI’s, implementing new business procedures, guiding them in meeting Manuchar’s strategic objectives and providing them with useful & accurate information to evaluate their business. Working at Manuchar is not only challenging but also very rewarding.
So, if you are a Controller or you have a solid financial background with similar experience and you like what you read above, you speak Spanish and you love taco’s, then apply and become my colleague at Manuchar!
¡Hasta pronto!

Eline Matthysen - Sales Support Chemicals East-Africa

About 2 years ago I graduated and immediately started working at Manuchar. I was one of the youngest employees back then. At that age, deciding on a career path can be scary! But I have never regretted joining Manuchar. Today I find myself working in a flexible, caring company full of driven and supportive people. I am in contact with colleagues, suppliers and customers from all over the world on a daily basis. My role is to support colleagues in Kenya with their stock supply and take care of our customers’ enquiries. I’m very grateful to Manuchar for having considered my professional aspirations and for giving me the opportunity to take my career to the next level. Manuchar has stimulated and supported me in developing myself professionally as well as personally. I’m sure it will continue to do so in the future!

Celia Graine & Basil Byttebier - Project Managers Business - IT

The digital roadmap of Manuchar introduces new ways of working throughout the organization which eventually lead to new working habits. As Business and IT often don’t speak the same language, our job is to build a bridge between them. This provides us with many interesting opportunities to work with all departments within Manuchar. One part of our job is to focus on project & process management; the other focuses on change management. Our team as well as the business are very diverse. This adds a healthy complexity that creates an inspiring work environment for us. No day is the same, which empowers us to excel every day at Manuchar.

Abdil Karanfil - International Logistics Administrator / Trade Coordinator Latin America

“Right after graduating, I immediately started working at Manuchar and have been working here for a little over 2 years now. The fact that Manuchar ensures a multicultural working environment, as well as allowing their employees to provide service in many different languages, was a big attraction for me personally. I studied Applied Linguistics and Multilingual Communication at the university and at the same time I have always been interested in the world of logistics. Today, I am more than grateful that I can speak my foreign languages on a daily basis, by working with different people around the world…and all of this combined with the excitement to get the hang of logistics and trading. What a combo!

As Internal Logistics Administrators we are a strong, reliable and a highly organized team, and to be honest, the things we are performing here quickly started to reflect on my personal life. In other words, thanks to this job, I have become an even better organized person in my personal life.

At Manuchar, in general, flexibility is key, and this is probably best proven by our outstanding ability to adapt our way of working and interaction during the COVID-19 crisis. Never before have I experienced such a great TEAM spirit. Clearly nothing stands in our way. Props to us & way to go!”

Mark Jacobs - Region Manager Africa

Working for Manuchar can be compared with a long, interesting journey. A journey where you get to learn a lot of new things, where you are continuously confronted with new challenges and especially where you get the chance to take initiative and grow in an organized way at a healthy speed.
My journey started 20 years ago. After 1 year of training in administration, I received the opportunity to independently give administrative and commercial support to one of our senior traders. Soon I was asked to combine my administrative and supporting job with some telesales and market development in East Africa.
Later, I was given the opportunity to become junior trader, started traveling frequently and got involved in sourcing and logistics to grow to a more senior trader function.
And my story continued. Knowing the region in West Africa, I got the opportunity to establish and follow up on affiliates for Manuchar in Mauritania, Ivory Coast and Ghana and was based for 5 years in Ivory Coast with my family. I moved back to Antwerp and the experience I gained over the years created a new opportunity for me to become responsible for a whole region. No more words are needed to show how great it is to work for a company that can offer a wide range of opportunities on the long term.

Tom Catthoor - Reporting and Consolidation Responsible

Manuchar’s continued expansion has undeniably influenced my work scope and responsibilities. I have seen the Manuchar group grow from a handful of companies with limited reporting and consolidation requirements to an interesting and challenging multinational environment, which continues to provide new opportunities for me to grow in my job. Despite this growth I find that Manuchar has always stayed true to its unique spirit of flexibility and team play, in large part thanks to the wonderful colleagues we have in this company. My current role is to perform the monthly group consolidation, assist in creating the set of monthly group reports used by the management and the business and help in continuously trying to improve the quality of our reporting. The work environment in Manuchar is a great place to stimulate these interesting challenges.

International Logistics Administration team - for Chemicals West Africa

Although we have our own responsibilities, we constantly interact and learn from one another. We appreciate and respect each other and each other's work and help our colleagues if needed (backing-up during holidays, taking over work in case of overload, etc.). And this is only possible because we all know that there's no I in "TEAM". We are hard workers, but hey, we also like to have a laugh from time to time and even organize an after-work drink every now and then.

Pieter Van De Peer - Regional Controller

After working abroad in Latin America for 6 years, I started working for Manuchar as a Regional Controller. This felt like coming home because at Manuchar you meet the world, every day again. The daily contact with our +75 affiliates worldwide is the most exciting part of the job for me, understanding the local reality in each of the different countries worldwide is a very interesting and challenging task.

In recent years Manuchar made considerable steps in strategic target setting. As a Controller it is part of our job to help set these goals and follow up on a monthly basis. While maintaining a true and fair view on actual financial reporting. The large variety of the different businesses in Manuchar (Steel, Chemicals, Port operations, Local Transport, …) requires constant on the job learning and makes this a very diversified and challenging work environment.

Redina Hoxha - Financial Analyst

It’s been two years since I joined Manuchar as a young graduate. I was impressed by the international working environment and the positive vibe surrounding the company. Thanks to Manuchar’s approach to employee development, the journey in this company has offered me continuous professional growth and personal improvement. I am currently working as Financial Analyst at the Credit Management Department, where we ensure business continuity while limiting the risks. This is achieved by analyzing our clients’ financial statements on a daily basis. What attracts me about this job is that each case is unique and you always get to learn something new. Besides working with numbers, which is something I really like to do; the job also entails frequent interaction with colleagues from all departments and those who are located abroad. Manuchar is the best place where you can challenge yourself and I couldn’t have asked for a better company to be part of!

Prissila Rendon - Trader Chemicals Central America

Being born in Colombia and living in Belgium, I have always had an interest in working for a company doing business with Latin America. I am a very commercially minded and sociable person who loves multiculturalism, and I saw in Manuchar a great opportunity to develop myself professionally. I started my career at Manuchar with a lot of enthusiasm, building up experience in Logistics and administration. I then grew into a more commercial role in which I took the responsibility of sales of our chemicals in Central America. After a few years I was given the responsibility of developing a completely new division (Fertilizers) in the same region. I have had the opportunity to develop projects and take on new challenges from zero, always stimulating the entrepreneurship and depositing the trust in me to carry them out. The things I like the most about my role are the dynamism, the variety and the personal contact with clients and markets in central America, which, being from Latin America is where I feel truly at home. The most rewarding thing for me is not only the personal and professional growth but also seeing the fruits of the hard work that are the result of great teamwork. This job satisfaction is priceless and makes all the effort put into the project worthwhile, as well as all the friends I have made within the Manuchar family, which I am proudly part of.

To keep factories running at all times, we have located our warehouses close to our clients; providing more than 450,000m2 accumulated warehouse space.

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    To keep factories running at all times, we have located our warehouses close to our clients; providing more than 450,000m2 accumulated warehouse space.

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    Manuchar stands out in the 2020 ranking of ICIS TOP 100 Chemicals Distributors.

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    Every day we have more than 600,000 metric tonnes of chemicals on the way to our clients.