Sustainable Procurement

We are committed to promote sustainable procurement practices and offer responsible product alternatives.

Supplier Assessments

At Manuchar we expect our business partners to conduct themselves in a way that is consistent with our values. When selecting and developing our supplier base, we consider their performance in regard to health & safety, environment, social standards and fair business practices. We continually upgrade our assessment procedure to ensure a full integration of our environmental and social standards into the procurement process. For all recurring orders and every product destined for specific market segments, Manuchar targets a 100% coverage of these supplier assessments by 2030.


Risk reduction and standardization of operations are key in our business. We aim to achieve this via the ISO 9001:2015 certification of our Quality Management System, supported by employee skills enhancement and training programs. By 2030, we plan to have all our operational facilities certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, and large operational sites certified to ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 to ensure the standardized management of health & safety and environmental performance. This way we further demonstrate our commitment to risk reduction practices.

Responsible Sourcing

Manuchar strives to ensure that the products we purchase and supply to our customers are manufactured and procured in a responsible manner. We conscientiously source the products and services for our operations, with a special focus on ethical sensitive raw materials like conflict minerals or palm oil. We have a Sustainable Procurement Policy which is constantly being improved in order to better reflect our commitment to a sustainable supply chain. One of the crucial points in our policy is the collaboration with clients, stakeholders and business partners to ensure our sustainability goals are aligned and reached.

Sustainable Product Offers

Manuchar has taken actions on the availability of eco-friendly products and circular solutions. We stipulate requirements to our relevant suppliers, verifying if they can offer eco-friendly alternatives for the products they deliver to our company. We also support our customers in their sustainability efforts. We partner with them to seek options to guarantee zero waste deliveries or designated supply chains where the traceability from sourcing to delivery at the customer’s plant can be guaranteed. By using dedicated maritime and local transport and equipment we can assure that no contamination has occurred from non-certified materials.

To keep factories running at all times, we have located our warehouses close to our clients; providing more than 450,000m2 accumulated warehouse space.

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    To keep factories running at all times, we have located our warehouses close to our clients; providing more than 450,000m2 accumulated warehouse space.

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    Manuchar stands out in the 2020 ranking of ICIS TOP 100 Chemicals Distributors.

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    Every day we have more than 600,000 metric tonnes of chemicals on the way to our clients.