Environmental Protection

Manuchar is committed to protecting nature and the environment. We understand our responsibilities and we engage in identifying and mitigating the environmental impacts of the products and services we deliver.

Waste Recycling

We promote and communicate our commitment to the 5 R’s – Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Repair and Resell – to minimize our waste generation and reduce the waste sent to landfill. To prevent plastic waste from packaging finding its way into local waterways or oceans, we work alongside our supply chain partners to drive circular solutions. Our hazardous waste is responsibly managed in our operational sites by authorized licensed contractors. Manuchar also provides a 24/7 contracted emergency service which in case of accidental release informs about the required environmental precautions to be taken to limit any adverse impact.



Water Management

We are risk mapping our on-site water management systems and we monitor and prevent possible contamination or impact on the local waterways or oceans. According to the World Resources Institute, about half of the countries where Manuchar is operating are categorized as medium to extremely high water-stressed areas. Although our water demand is rather limited as we are not directly involved in manufacturing processes, we treat water as a scarce resource. Therefore, we are challenging all our teams to implement ways to control and limit their water consumption.

Energy Savings

Since 2019, the headquarters of Manuchar have obtained the CO2-NEUTRAL label for our headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium in line with the PAS 2060. This international standard for CO2-neutrality is a guarantee for credible climate action, as responsibility is taken for the true impact of our CO2 emissions instead of shifting it to society and future generations. In a first phase, all scope 1 & scope 2 emissions of our headquarters in Antwerp are being compensated by supporting certified climate projects in developing countries. In the longer term, we will engage in extending carbon neutrality to our other offices and operational sites. The CO2 Neutral® label helps us to ensure transparency on our climate efforts and motivate our supply chain partners to take full responsibility for their own carbon emissions too.

Carbon Footprint Mapping

Manuchar has been disclosing carbon emission information to the Carbon Disclosure Project® since 2010. As of 2021, 95% of our company-wide scope 1 and 2 emissions will be included in our carbon footprint mapping. Our main environmental target is a 50% reduction of our Manuchar Group ecological footprint by 2030 from a 2020 base year. This covers our scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions in MT CO2e, waste sent to landfill in kg, and water use in m3. We also aim to map and increase our use of renewable energy sources and encourage our supply chain partners to map and reduce their emissions (scope 3). We are committed to ongoing improvement and have implemented external validation by 3rd party consultants and alignment with recognized reporting standards for our carbon emissions disclosure report.

To keep factories running at all times, we have located our warehouses close to our clients; providing more than 450,000m2 accumulated warehouse space.

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    To keep factories running at all times, we have located our warehouses close to our clients; providing more than 450,000m2 accumulated warehouse space.

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    Manuchar stands out in the 2020 ranking of ICIS TOP 100 Chemicals Distributors.

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    Every day we have more than 600,000 metric tonnes of chemicals on the way to our clients.