Manuchar Quality and Responsibility

Manuchar Quality and Responsibility

Manuchar is a recognised leader in trading, logistics and distribution of Chemicals in emerging markets. Our local distribution and value adding logistics operations are mainly focused on handling commodity and specialty chemicals. Our trading activities also cover Steel, Polymers, Pharmaceuticals, Wood, Spare Parts, Paper and Cement.


The Quality management system aligns, standardizes and ensures high efficiencies.

Responsibility is core to our culture. It defines how we work, how we behave and how we interact with our customers, our partners and stakeholders.


Quality management focus is on establishing standard operating procedures in order to align our operations and achieve key performance targets.

By sharing best practices across our global network we create client satisfaction and achieve regulatory compliance.

Standard operating procedures

We place high value on operational safety by ensuring practices are standardized. Practices include risk assessment, product hazard controls, complaint reporting and emergency & incident planning. We take a preventative approach with a focus on auditing, employee awareness, and training. Manuchar has developed its own Quality Management System that encompasses a variety of industry standards and the expectations of our suppliers and customers.

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ISO 9001 - ISO standard is an internationally recognized quality management system that provides the foundation for Manuchar's own quality system (MQM). Several Manuchar operations combine the in-house standards with ISO 9001 certificates.

FCA - Manuchar has an increasing number of FCA-certified business units to allow for the sales of food ingredients to the highest levels of compliance standards.

HACCP - Manuchar partners with speciality suppliers and manufacturers to handle unique products, including products that enter the food chain and require extra control of critical points along the logistics pathway.

Responsible Care - An increasing number of Manuchar affiliates are signatories to the Responsible Care program. We also collaborate with our supply chain partners to ensure efficient product stewardship within the framework of this program.

International Cyanide Management Code - Manuchar also has extended controls and secured certification to handle highly dangerous goods.

PEFC/FSC - Manuchar is a PEFC and FSC certified organization. The Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) provides independent certification to identify forest products that have been produced with respect for the highest ecological, social and ethical standards throughout the entire supply chain.

NACD - Manuchar USA's membership of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) is proof of its commitment to product stewardship and responsible distribution in every phase of chemical storage, handling, transportation and disposal.

Best practices

At Manuchar we believe in a proactive and entrepreneurial approach so our Quality department acts in close consultation with our local operations to improve our practices to maximise the outcomes. Each of our local teams have an appointed Quality Representative ensuring commitment to best outcomes.

Our aim is to ensure our customers recognize Manuchar as industry leaders in compliance and services.


Our international trading, distribution and logistics activities have an impact on the environment, employment and communities. It is our responsibility to maximize the positive impacts:

We identify, understand and mitigate our environmental risks.
Manuchar applies a commitment to operate safely, remain compliant, improve efficiency and meet customer’s needs.

Our business is global and our people are as diverse as the world in which we work. We aim to employ workforces that reflect the demographics of the communities in which we operate. The diversity of being and thinking translates into a greater understanding of our customers and more informed decision making processes.

We contribute to the communities where we are located: we invest in health and infrastructure. We support natural disaster recovery activities.


About our projects

Supporting the victims of the Philippines typhoon

Manuchar NV employees at headquarters in Antwerp joined forces in December 2013 for their traditional Christmas charity event. This year funds were raised to support the victims of super typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines via the local GMA Kapuso Foundation. In addition, Manuchar Philippines made a donation and used all their organizational, logistic and warehousing skills to volunteer in the Foundation’s warehouse and repack clothes donated to the victims.

Filtration project in Guatemala

It is a tradition for colleagues at Manuchar headquarters to organize small fundraising activities in the month of December. We look for useful social projects that support local communities in countries where Manuchar operates. In 2012 our fundraising supported the community of Chuabajito in San Martin Jilotepeque. In 2011, this Guatemala region was hit by an earthquake that decimated the available drinking water supply. The collected funds allowed us to provide the Chuabajito community with water filters that are made in Guatemala from sustainable materials such as clay sawdust and colloidal silver.

The sustainable building of Manuchar Chile

Manuchar's new Chilean office and warehouse was built based on the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) concept, therefore it incorporates a lot of sustainability aspects. The building has a very low energy consumption, thanks to the extensive window areas, to the incorporated thermal panels and to the translucent panels in the roofing. These solutions not only help minimizing the energy consumption, but also help optimizing the use of natural light and ensure appropriate insulation. The air conditioning system uses a state of the art system that does not harm the ozone layer. The LEED certified architect thought about the garden as well; a drip irrigation system was built to minimize water consumption and more than 1500 plants of various native species to enhance the local vegetation.

Code of Conduct

Our Manuchar Group Code of Conduct establishes clear standards that govern our approach and principles.

As a result, Manuchar attributes its continuous growth and success to the sustainable value we generate for our customers, the long-term relationships we invested in on a global basis and the outstanding expertise and dedication our employees offer.

Download Manuchar’s CoC (pdf) in available languages (EN, ES,  FR,  NL )







To keep factories running at all times, we have located our warehouses close to our clients; providing more than 380,000m2 accumulated warehouse space.

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    To keep factories running at all times, we have located our warehouses close to our clients; providing more than 380,000m2 accumulated warehouse space.

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