Being the only company which combines European forest exploitation and worldwide export under one roof in European hardwood, Manuchar NV harvests over 300,000 cbm of hardwood per log season in different European countries and exports to over 20 countries worldwide.
We also have our own lumber production in Europe, making use of resources here to produce tailor-made products for export markets.

Manuchar NV, wood supplies every step of the way

By controlling the wooden timber, from origin to destination, we add value for our client/partners by reducing supply chain complexity and thus saving costs for our customers by providing the right product at the right conditions.

Our track record exemplifies our complete full service in wood:

  • As one of Europe’s largest hardwood forest explorers, we buy standing trees.
  • Our own teams manage the felling and make the grading, ensuring that the loading of  40-foot container units inside the forest runs smoothly.
  • We manage the transport to major European sea ports, where we control all bookings, shipments and documentation for our chosen partners, up to CIF and more.

3 years of standing trees: our investment, your guarantee

To run an operation of over 100,000 CBM of exported logs annually in a sustainable and responsible way, Manuchar NV invests continuously in the raw material. Regardless of the market situation, Manuchar NV has a stock of standing hardwood and softwood trees in full growth to guarantee supply for a minimum of three years, from which we can decide to fell and select fresh cut logs for your specific demand at any time.

For every client, the correct product

Every client has unique requirements. At Manuchar NV, we believe in carefully selecting and grading the materials supplied in a business-to-business environment. With our vast experience in wood, we understand the different expectations of a slicing, peeling or sawing factory. We have designed qualities to suit common end-uses such as:

Upon request, we have designed new grades and products for a number of clients. We also continue to supply these special products today as we believe in long-term cooperation and we understand that our customers can grow only with the right product.

More about our products
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Construction material
  • Veneer
  • Sawing
  • Plywood
  • and more…

Temperate Forests: the riches of Europe

Based in Belgium, Manuchar NV has adopted a clear global perspective, serving customers in every continents. In terms of sourcing, we buy only in the best German, Belgian and French forests, renowned for supplying consistent top quality for generations. Our depots throughout these regions guarantee regular supply regardless of weather conditions.

Sawn timber to satisfy your demand

Our operation does not end in the forest: we have a continuous line of sawn lumber in different sawmills. You have an urgent need? At any time, we can offer sawn lumber to speed up your production. We even go as far as sawing particular sizes for a specific demand. But it doesn’t stop there, either – we have partnered with selected sawmills that, upon your request, will provide you with consistent quality all year long.

All timber supplied by Manuchar is from legally harvested forest.

Assuring a renewable resource

To keep factories running at all times, we have located our warehouses close to our clients; providing more than 450,000m2 accumulated warehouse space.

  • Presence

    To keep factories running at all times, we have located our warehouses close to our clients; providing more than 450,000m2 accumulated warehouse space.

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  • News

    Manuchar stands out in the 2020 ranking of ICIS TOP 100 Chemicals Distributors.

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  • Numbers

    Every day we have more than 600,000 metric tonnes of chemicals on the way to our clients.